I wish to Acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait people's of this land, especially our elders.

I wish to pay respect and thank our ancestors for LOVING, nurturing and protecting our land and its water.

The spiritual light from your camp fires will burn in my heart and through my eyes forever.



Graham Toomey is an emerging Artist and Designer from the Wiradjuri and Wongaibon Aboriginal Nations of Western NSW.

Graham’s artworks capture the very constitution of his Ancient Culture and his Dreaming.

My Dreaming is my Identity as an Aboriginal man and my connection to my creators, ancestors, history, homelands, traditions, practices, beliefs, values, lore and memories. My Dreaming also is my strong connection to the earth, it’s water and to all living things.

It’s how I see things, it’ what I imagine and what I think and create about in my daily life.

My artworks capture the beauty and the mystery within my culture while also illustrating my ancient homelands, our spirituality and our stories.

Some of my new works capture my Dreaming in a style that is very unique and is both notable and contemporary. The new works captures Australia’s natural flora magnified digitally to acquire my Dreaming which lays hidden from our eyes but is felt around me constantly.

A plant magnified show us amazing beauty, design, conformation and texture. This morphology along with my Identity and Dreaming are created to abduct and secure my connection to the earth, water and to all living things.

  • Co - created, Designed and Presented 'Aboriginal Message Stick' to Prince Harry for Queen Elizabeth.

  • Artworks purchased by Professor the Honourable Dame Professor Marie Bashir.

  • Created and Designed 30 Boomerangs for "playingforchange' global organisation.

  • Finalist in 2013 and 2014 NSW Aboriginal Parliament Art Award and the Fishers Ghost Award.

One of my passions is to educate and engage people about my culture, through regular talks and presentations. I currently run a Culture and Art Gathering at Redfern Community Centre,  which covers Traditional and Contemporary Aboriginal Art along with covering many aspects about my culture.  

I currently work as a Senior Cultural Manager and Artist for Gunawirra Children's Services in Sydney. 

I am a current member of the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce.

'Warraay Walan' - Stand Strong